Co-curricular Activities


Co-Curricular Activities

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony is a regular feature of AOS. This event is celebrated in an auditorium. Result of the Session is announced and prizes/ shields are distributed among the position holders. The function includes Milli songs, speeches, tableaus

which will mainly highlight the spirit of unity, love for the country, sense of competition, team-work, self confidence and above all the feeling of enjoying the fruits of hard work put by them over the year.

Science & Art Exhibitions:

Annual Science & Art Exhibition is the most important event of the academic year. The projects made are based on a variety of titles/ themes, which change every year. The scope of these themes is wide enough to challenge the creativity of the teacher and the originality of work of the students. While preparing for the exhibition, children learn various skills and techniques e.g cutting and pasting, hand printing, water painting, paper mashy etc. By using and handling materials; students gain skills & knowledge through these exhibitions.

Annual Sports Day

Sports activities are as important as academics. The colourful PT displays, rhythmic aerobics, gymnastics, Karate and fascinating events like the rabbit race, the daddy shoe race, the relays, the sack race, tug of war and hurdles, always enthral the parents. For the final competitions students are taken to the tracks of the Sports Complex, Islamabad. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are given to the winners.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is not only an art but is more of a skill. At AOS, we like all the children to be able to express their ideas freely and confidently. This enhances their personalities and goes a long way in their lives later on. Each day, in the Assembly Program, students from different classes in turn, conduct the Assembly Program which includes recitation from Holy Quran (with translation), Hadith (with translation), speeches, golden words, milli songs, poems, question of the day etc. Every student is encouraged to come to the stage/ rostrum to speak. In this way public speaking boosts their information, communication, confidence and thinking skills.

Special Days

During the Session, various Special Days are celebrated like Iqbal Day, Qauide-Azam Day, Eid Milad-un-Nabi, Defense Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. In addition at the Montessori level some days are celebrated e.g Colour Day, Soup Day, Birthday Parties etc.

Picnic/ Study & Excursion Trips

Picnic/ study & excursion trips are arranged to some industry, museum & recreational spot. The is to make these trips both educational and as well as enjoyable. Children look forward to such activities, as they break the routine and monotony of classroom and school environment. A follow up is also carried out in the classrooms in the form of writing about trips mentioning their experience & feelings. This broadens the vision of students, a sense of responsibility, developing confidence and learning to discipline themselves in public place. The school makes appropriate transport and other arrangements for the event.


Neat and proper school uniform is compulsory for all students. Students are encouraged to develop decent language and manners, upright behaviour, regularity, punctuality and caring for their fellow students. They are motivated to develop a sense of proprietorship towards the institution and to protect the environment.